Strawberry cake difficulty *#117

Cuts into 10
Preparing time: 15 minutes 
Cooking time: --------------
  • 1 peel package for cake 
  • 1 kg strawberry 
  • 500 ml double cream 
  • 3 dl cold mineral water 
  • 2 sour cream 
  • 200 g icing sugar 

  1. Clean and cut the strawberries 2-3 mm thick 
  2. Mix the double cream and mineral water 
  3. Add sour cream and icing sugar in the mixture of mineral water and double cream 
  4. Peel smears first with the mixture of double cream and then add another peel on the top and then put double cream layer then strawberry and then again double cream on the end put the peel on the top
  5. Repeat process until everything run away 
  6. Enjoy! 

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